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We Enjoyed a Very Scenic Upper McKenzie River Trout Fishing Float

We Enjoyed a Very Scenic Upper McKenzie River Trout Fishing Float

by admin
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Tim with a nice Rainbow Trout

Tim & Connie were down visiting from Port Angeles, Washington on Monday and enjoyed a long and scenic upper McKenzie River trout fishing float. Though hardly fly fishing experts, with attention and determination both landed plenty of scrappy McKenzie Rainbows, all on flies. We used both wet and dry flies and found success on both. We covered almost 11 river miles and found cooperative fish throughout the riffles, runs and pools separated by occasional larger rapids that occurred in areas of higher gradient and which characterize the upper river.  The McKenzie River Drift Boat actually evolved on the McKenzie  River.  It has become the fishing vessel of choice on white water rivers.  Its high bow can take fairly good-sized waves and the general design allows the rower to hold the boat in place long enough for fishermen to get in a cast or two and long enough for nearby fish to be fooled into a take.  Drift boats are extremely maneuverable and will hold in tight little spots far better than a raft.

McKenzie River Drift Boat Fishing

 A pleasant breeze off the water kept us quite comfortable during a really fun day on the river.  There is often an opportunity for some excellent wildlife viewing on these river trips.  While ducks and geese along with their broods are commonplace this time of year, birds of prey including Bald Eagles and Osprey are frequently sighted. As a matter of fact, several weeks back, as my guest was playing a trout, a large Bald Eagle swooped down right over our heads and stole the trout.  

Trout on a Fly

The event was both startling and magnificent!  On yesterday’s trip, 2 elk had come down to the water to get a drink and to cool off.  So you never know what surprise may hold around the next river bend.  Wildlife viewing and spectacular scenery are all bonuses on these upper McKenzie River trout fishing trips.

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