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As the high water levels in most of our Coastal Rivers drop, Fall Chinook fishing in the free-flowing sections has improved

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  Mark & Jeff hold a couple beauties we hooked on our "high water drift" on Friday. One of the six hook-ups included a powerful beast that continued to run and hold in fast water. After a good half hour battle, we ultimately had to move down around a point to find water soft enough to bring it to net.

March can be a Special Month for Winter Steelhead Fishing on Oregon’s Coastal Rivers

  Large Winter Steelhead are often available in the Month of March. Once in a while everything comes together with dropping river levels after a freshet and even some sunshine can all cumulate into magical March memories. Meanwhile, such rivers as the Umpqua and the Columbia are among the large systems already producing the coveted Spring Chinook salmon.  

Winter Steelheading Moves into Full Swing. Many Rivers will peak from late January through February.

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  Now that we have transitioned from Salmon fishing into our Winter Steelhead season, we are enjoying consistent steelhead action on our southcoast streams whenever river levels and conditions cooperate

Most of our Coastal Rivers now have Winter Steelhead on Tap

  As we sadly say goodbye to our Fall-Winter Chinook Season, we happlily transition into our Winter Steelhead Season. Roaring Fork Guide Service wishes you All the Best in 2015!

Fall Salmon Fishing is in Full Swing on Oregon’s Coastal Rivers

  It's that time of year when Fall Chinook and Coho are on the docket up and down the Oregon Coast. As the salmon stage in the estuaries in preparation for their upriver migration, it's often a trolling game. As rain arrives and river levels climb dramatically, focus often changes to the free flowing waters well upriver of the tidal influence. Suddenly the drift boat becomes the craft of choice as fishermen row their way from salmon hole to salmon hole. As fish sense proximity to their natal spawning grounds, the bite can be ferocious with unnerving urgency and focused [...]

Winter Steelhead Fishing Will Continue through March and Even April on Certain River Systems

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Andy got into a couple pretty hot Siletz Steelhead on our trip this past week. Neither fish he hooked wanted to have any part of the net. As the picture indicates. Andy had other ideas.