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Coquille River (Lower)

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As our McKenzie River Salmon Season comes to a close, we now have reports of freshly arriving Salmon in Oregon’s coastal rivers

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Saying Goodbye to our 2017 McKenzie River Salmon Season. Our final September salmon journey down the McKenzie this past week proved fun and surprisingly productive.  We actually brought 3 hatchery salmon to the net on Thursday, September 7, including a double header on a last minute half-day effort.  When I got the call, I was initially pretty skeptical about our prospects given the late date and the fact that I had pretty much already packed it in for our McKenzie River Spring-Summer Chinook Season.  I guess since I was available and I had noticed a forecast for possible showers, I [...]

Siuslaw Salmon Fishing

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We have begun our coastal salmon trips for Fall 2016. Trolling the Bays and the lower reaches of our coastal river is often the ticket to finding beautiful big fresh Chrome. This fortunate guest was blessed with a Chunky Siuslaw Toad on Tuesday's trip. Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy consistent success on our McKenzie River drift boat trips chasing down scrappy rainbows. Even novice fly fishers are doing well on the aggressive Rainbow Trout

Lower Coquille Producing some Chromers

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Ran a little Jet Sled trip on the Lower Coquille yesterday and the salmon cooperated. We hooked 3 chromers that made some hot little runs and certainly kept our attention up. Rumor has it, fresh barbecued salmon's on the menu tonight

Most of our Coastal Rivers now have Winter Steelhead on Tap

  As we sadly say goodbye to our Fall-Winter Chinook Season, we happlily transition into our Winter Steelhead Season. Roaring Fork Guide Service wishes you All the Best in 2015!

Fall Salmon Fishing is in Full Swing on Oregon’s Coastal Rivers

  It's that time of year when Fall Chinook and Coho are on the docket up and down the Oregon Coast. As the salmon stage in the estuaries in preparation for their upriver migration, it's often a trolling game. As rain arrives and river levels climb dramatically, focus often changes to the free flowing waters well upriver of the tidal influence. Suddenly the drift boat becomes the craft of choice as fishermen row their way from salmon hole to salmon hole. As fish sense proximity to their natal spawning grounds, the bite can be ferocious with unnerving urgency and focused [...]

Exciting Fall Chinook Fishing Peaks on Numerous Systems

  Ed and Cliff had quite a day recently while drifting the very scenic Siletz River. Both bait and plugs seemed to produced equally well. The intermittent downpours didn't phase the boys at all and in fact, Cliff maintained that his stylish pink rainpants somehow influenced their great success.

Fall Chinook Fishing is in Full Swing!

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  Recent Rains busted our Fall Chinook Fishery wide open. The great tidal fishing that has been enjoyed now for a month or two on many of our coastal estuaries, has spilled over into the free flowing rivers above the tidal influence thanks to last week's wet and wild deluge. The same rains that set precipitation records for September in many locations, pushed fall salmon into the upper rivers. As the flood waters drop and clear, fishermen have the luxery of chosing to either fish up high for fast moving migrating salmon or to continue fishing the estuaries as new [...]

Winter Steelhead Showing Nicely Throughout Western Oregon

Reports of decent steelhead fishing surfaced up and down the coast in early January. As the early rains of 2013 diminished and gave way to a short cold snap, the bite layed down a tad. Recent rains over the last few days should now provide a welcome jump start and packs of new fish should be pushing through soon.